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Dr. John MacKinnon Paid a Visit to BMNH


On May 8, Dr. John MacKinnon gave a lecture on wildlife conservation to BMNH volunteers at BMNH’s invitation. Dr. MacKinnon is currently in charge of EU-China Biodiversity Program and Director of Biodiversity Working Group in China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development.

Mr. John MacKinnon is one of the world’s leading experts and authors on biodiversity. Grandson of Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, the first ever British Labour Prime Minister, he began his career working with Jane Goodall in the famous study of African chimpanzees. In 2009, Mr. MacKinnon cooperated with BMNH on 2009 China Roots & Shoots Summit.

BMNH Director Meng Qingjin warmly welcomed Mr. MacKinnon and held a discussion on wildlife conservation and studies on environmental protection. Both Mr. Meng and Mr. MacKinnon expressed their hope to exploit more cooperative opportunities in near future between BMNH and EU-China Biodiversity Program.




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