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Trash Turned to Treasure Exhibition Inaugurated


To save energy, reduce emissions, protect the environment and, in general, live a ‘low carbon’ life has become a trend in the modern world. Without a doubt, if one values energy, diminishes the exploitation and consumption of natural resources, and utilizes the materials in an effective and recyclable way, they are practically turning trash to treasure simply by reusing the used.

Most waste could be recycled in a systematic process and reused in various aspects of life and industries. Yet, how can we transform the daily life castoffs, (e.g. beverage bottles, package cases, wheat straws, rags, plastic bags, and scrap iron and copper) to esthetically valuables? On May 17, 2011, a new temporary exhibition entitled Trash Turned to Treasure was revealed to the public, one of BMNH’s presents for 5·18 International Museum Day.

Intriguing and inspiring, the exhibits are really fabulous examples of recycling. Some exhibits could be used as home ornaments, and others have practical uses. In order to select the best pieces of the exhibits, the visitors can leave the comment and vote for the pieces they like most.

Hosted by BMNH and co-organized by Beijing Association for Digital Science and Technology Popularization, the exhibition is free but visitors should reserve tickets for entrance beforehand.












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