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2018 National Science and Technology Week ~ The Event of Mobile Science Museum Enter s Shanxi has ended successfully


May 28 , 2018, 4:15pm   A uthor /photographer : Yifan WU ; Translation by Jiang Lili

On May 25, 2018,   the final station of   Mobile Science and Technology Museum came to Huayue   M iddle   S chool   and Huayue   E lementary   S chool   in Huayin   c ity of   Weinan   c ity, Shanxi   p rovince to carry out two day -long   popular science activities for local   students   and   citizens .

At the opening ceremony on the 25th ,   the mayor of Huayin   Li Xingong delivered a speech.   Then   Dr.   Zhao Hongtao ,   t he team leader of the   n ational   m obile   t echnology   m useum and director of the   S cience   Communication   D epartment   of the Beijing   Museum of N atural   History   gave a brief introduction   to   th is itinerant exhibition. In the end,   Mr.   Xu Jiajun ,   the   d ivision   c hief of   S cience   P opularization   D epartment   of the China   S cience   and   T echnology   E xchange   C enter , representing the   N ational   S cience   and   T echnology   W eek   O rganizing   C ommittee , donated   popular science instruments worth of   5 0,000   yuan to Huayin City.  

S tudents’ enthusiasm never diminished   even   under the   hot sun, and they   lined up in long queues   at   different   exhibition hall s . In the smoke evacuation simulation room of the China F ire   M useum ,   after   experiencing   the   s imulated building fire, students learned how to take a quick and correct way to escape;   in the   M useum   of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture   exhibition hall   students   used   their imagination to   design   a   unique garden; In the   China R ailway   M useum   exhibition hall, the students assembled the train model together, learning   about   railway s and   experiencing a   hands-on   program . In the   dome-screen   of the Beijing   P lanetarium , the students experienced a fantasy star ry   drifting…


The s tudents   were   excited about various interesting interactive exhibits .   After   hands-on and   zero -distance experience with   the   science and technology exhibition ,   s tudents   felt how close and practical science is. Through this   program , the students   expressed their increasing interests in learning science and technology.  

T he event of   " 2018 National Science and Technology Week and Mobile Science and Technology Museum Enter s   Shanxi "   which has lasted 11 days,   end ed successfully .   The team members   endured the hot sun and rain s , even the dust storms , to bring   the   wonderful popular science feast to the local people.   The participants fe lt   the charm of science and technology in the interaction,   got inspired   by   the experience,   and utilized their   scientific   spirit in the exploration. In the future, mobile science and technology museum will enter more regions,   communicate   scientific knowledge   to the general public   and help   cultivat e   students’ interest in exploring science.



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