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“Exhibition on the South China Sea's Marine Life” Opens at BMNH


On June 8, 2016, The Exhibition on the South China Sea's Marine Life, sponsored by Beijing Museum of Natural History, the World Ocean's Day Office under the State Oceanic Administration and the Oceanic and Fishery Bureau of Sansha City, opens at the Sunlit Hall of BMNH.

The exhibition comprises 10 sections, such as the South China Sea islands in Ancient China, the predatory animals,  filter-feeding animals,  luminous organisms and other fantastic lifeforms as well as the development of the Sansha City.

The amazing contents are represented through a variety of approaches, including panels, specimens, sand table, interactive multi-media and videos. There are in total 64 panels and over 500 specimens from the South China Sea on display.

Sansha City, located in the South China Sea, consists of the Xisha Islands, the Nansha Islands,  the Zhongsha Islands and their territorial sea. China made the earliest discovery of the Xisha Islands, the Nansha Islands,  the Zhongsha Islands and their territorial sea, named them firstly and successive Chinese governments have exercised continuous jurisdiction over the islands and their territorial sea.  As a recently established city, Sansha boasts an amazing richness of marines resources.

Beijing Museum of Natural History focuses on collections, researches and communications on palaeontology, zoology, botany and anthropology.  BMNH,  starting scientific trips to the South China Sea in 1960s,  worked together with the State Bureau of Aquatic Products to study the marine life in South China Sea, including Record on Fishes in the Territorial Waters of the South China Sea Islands and Atlas on China's Marine Species in China's Territorial Waters and has so far collected a great number of specimens from the South China Sea. BMNH also has a separate aquarium which is comprised of the Evolution Hall, the Freshwater Hall and the Seawater Hall.

Exploration and understanding of the seas is a prerequisite for their proper utilization, development and protection. Humans have been exploring the sea for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Only when we understand the sea in a comprehensive, accurate and profound way and comprehend their natural workings can we obtain a solid scientific foundation to develop China into a marine power. This exhibition is expected to introduce the territorial waters to the public in a more straightforward way and raise their awareness for the protection of the marine environment.

June 8 is the World Ocean's Day, and as part of celebration of this special occasion, the exhibition opens to the public, for free. The exhibition will last till July 31, 2016. 







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