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“Global Natural History Day – Youth Natural Science Knowledge Challenge” Beijing Regional Tournament Held Successfully in BMNH and Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center


2016-06-03 13:43 Written by Jin Miao, Translated by Cheung Man Ki 

During 21 May to 29 May, “Global Natural History Day – Youth Natural Science Knowledge Challenge: Beijing Regional Tournament”, sponsored by the Global Health & Education Foundation and the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, supported by the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, organized by the Beijing Extracurricular Education Association and Beijing Museum of Natural History, was successfully held in Beijing Museum of Natural History and Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. This year, around 230 teams participated in the event, including 36 performing teams and 194 exhibiting teams. 

The annual theme of the Beijing Regional Tournament this year is “Who is Whose Whom? Those Relationships Affecting the Nature”. Participants are required to choose the directions and confirm the topics of their works within the field of natural science from regional, national or even global perspectives. Through accessing information and getting inspirations from multiple channels, as well as integrating knowledge from diverse areas such as arts, science, history and society, participants analyze and investigate their topics and finally present their findings in an original and creative way. 

After the thorough assessment by the judges, 72 awards were given to winners of various divisions, including the primary performing group, the primary exhibiting group, the junior high school performing group and junior high school exhibiting group (for details of the awards, please refer to the notices in the website). Among the works of the awardees, the outstanding pieces will be recommended to represent Beijing region to join the national final to be held in Shanghai. 

Global Natural History Day (GNHD) is a comprehensive natural science competition initiated by the Global Health and Education Foundation (GHEF), which is designed to inspire students’ interest in natural science and to enhance their investigative, analytical and interpersonal skills. This activity was first launched in 2012, and by now it has been held successfully for four sessions.


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