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BMNH Director Held Talks on Specimen Donation with Mr. Hossein Golabchi in America


After initial contacts since October 2010 with Mr. Hossein Golabchi, well-known by his nickname Soudy in the hunting community, Director Meng Qingjin successfully convinced Mr. Golabchi that our institute would be a worthy recipient for his valuable trophies to be donated and a donation agreement was reached between BMNH and Mr. Golabchi. The magnanimous donation of Mr. Golabchi would greatly enrich BMNH’s collections.

Renowned as an obsessive trophy hunter, Mr. Golabchi has left his tracks in just about every place on earth, and keeps a collection of 200 plus species of wild animals. And in the collection, he has the most complete variety of wild sheep and goats.


Fig. 1 The Sheep Hill at Mr. Golabchi’s Collection Hall


Fig. 2 African Specimens to Be Donated

On February 15, 2011, a BMNH delegation let Director Meng Qingjin left forGeorgia, US to discuss details about donation, packaging and shipment. The delegation also sorted out the specimens for registration and documentation. In total, there are about 300 specimens to be donated, some of which are among the best in the world.


Fig. 3  Director Meng Qingjin works closely with Mr. Golabchi

Since 2008, BMNH has made special effort in enriching her collections which is fundamental for a museum to carry out other activities. Besides establishing cooperative relation with domestic institutes of specimen production, BMNH keeps in touch with famous specimen collectors in the world. Mr. Golabchi’s bountiful donation will be used extensively with care in public educational exhibitions and scientific studies.

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