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An Exhibition of Rare Minerals and Treasures Celebrates National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival


You may have seen opals, and may also know belemnites, but have you ever seen an opalized belemnite?


What does an opal with a panda “hidden” inside look like?


A piece of natural gold is already very rare. If it happens to look like a lion rolling an embroidered ball, how much would it be worth?


On October 1, 2020, the special exhibition of Treasure of the Earth -- International Fine Mineral and Gem Show sponsored by Beijing Museum of Natural History and co-organized by Lan De Zong Guan Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. opened in the temporary exhibition hall of Beijing Museum of Natural History, with numerous world-class treasures “stepping into the spotlight”.


With exhibits of an amazing variety, the exhibition brings together over 200 pieces of precious mineral, gem specimens and jewelry from all over the world, and it is the debut show in China for most of them. Many of the exhibits are world-class treasures and the only one of its kind, including a magical Pakistani aquamarine with other minerals, a top-level fine emerald from Colombia, top-level tourmalines from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States and gold nuggets and opals from Australia. One piece, an opalized belemnite, not only attracts viewers by its colorfully gorgeous surface of mineral crystal, but also enlightens them about its scientific importance. The exhibition strikes visitors by visual beauty while spreading mineral knowledge that helps them better appreciate the beauty of minerals and understand the stories behind gems.


A special multimedia display platform is set in this exhibition, allowing visitors to read in an interactive manner. The platform shows scientific, cultural and artistic properties of gems and minerals from multiple perspectives. Visitors can use it to learn all-round knowledge about minerals, choosing freely among intriguing topics, including "Minerals and Mineral Crystals", "Colorful Minerals", "Various Crystals", "Essence of Minerals", "Do minerals produce radiation?" and “Mineral Collections”, to learn more about the mysteries of minerals, gems and jewelry.


Treasure of the Earth -- International Fine Mineral and Gem Show is free of charge and lasts for one month. Please book your tickets online at least one day before your visit.





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