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Exhibition of “Flying Dinosaurs” Opens at BMNH


2016-05-27 11:24  Written by Shi Yingzhou, Photographed by Wang Qiong, Translated by Cheung Man Ki 

The exhibition of “Flying Dinosaurs”, jointly sponsored by Beijing Museum of Natural History and Tian Yu Kong Jian (Beijing) International Advertising Company Limited opened in Beijing Museum of Natural History on 27 May 2016 at its temporary exhibition hall. 

The theme of the exhibition, “Flying Dinosaurs”, was inspired by an article titled “The Dinosaur Flying to the Blue Sky” in a Primary Four Chinese textbook. The exhibition combines scientific knowledge with real specimens, exquisite panels, animations, videos and interactions, presenting a brand-new exhibition of dinosaurs to the wide range of audience. The entire exhibition is divided into four units, including “What is a dinosaur?”, “The Relationship between Dinosaurs and Birds”, “Dinosaur Fossils Excavation” and “Dinosaurs of Various Shapes”. Many rare exhibits are displayed in this exhibition, for example Psittacosaurus (with skin remains), Microraptor and its restoration model and Sinosauropteryx, and this is the first time for them to be exhibited to the public.

 In the exhibition, part of the information was provided by Xu Xing, the writer of “The Dinosaur Flying to the Blue Sky”. At the same time, videos of Xu about his investigation and discovery of dinosaurs are shown in the exhibition hall. Through the exhibition of “Flying Dinosaurs”, BMNH enables the audience to understand more about the studies and the discovery of dinosaurs in China and further nurtures the public passion towards dinosaurs. 




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