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Water•City Thematic Week Successfully Concluded


On March 28, the week-long Water•City thematic program ended successfully.  

A cooperative program between BMNH and National Geographic (China), Water•City thematic exhibition drew the attention of the public and the media community instantly after its inauguration, major media like BTV and The Beijing News presented special reports on the exhibition, and National Geographic (China) featured a thorough introduction to the thematic event, tagging it as an important newsletter in its home page. Viewers said that this exhibition not only brought scientific knowledge about water resource and circulation to the public but also impressed the public with its presentation on the close relation between water and human civilization and development, urbanization and various future human activities.




A variety of activities during the exhibition period were enthusiastically participated by parents and children alike, and many children brought the water sample they collected to the Fun Experiment courses in BMNH. The children worked attentively with the water samples under the instruction of the tutors to test their PH values and inspect the bacteria with microscope and a series of funny small experiments were their especially cherished experience.






The Small Water Conservation Detective child-parent interactive program in March 26 and 27 was also tremendously popular, in which almost 20 families participated. In this program, the children drew pictures of their home with the assistant of their parents and, through the guidance of the museum staff, discovered corners for possible water conservation. The parents found this activity helped children to think seriously about how to make personal contribution in the protection of the environment and natural resources, and it not only enabled the children to pick up good habits but also proved an interesting learning experience for the parents.




At the Science Lecture Hall, a lecture titled The World is Flat? Is given on March 26 by Feng Yongfeng, a reporter of Guangming Daily and the founder of a environment-friendly association. In the lecture, Feng introduced the status quo of cities short of water, the serious situation faced by the rivers in China, and the positive and negative impacts of urbanization. When the lecture is finished, interested audience exchanged their opinions with Feng on urban construction and water conservation, the prospect of desalting sea water, and the possible water crises in futureBeijingCity.






Since March 28, Water•City thematic exhibition will be staged in different communities while the Water Around Us experimental classes will continue in the weekends.

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