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Te Papa and BMNH Leaders Held Talks


On April 18, Director Meng Qingjin and Deputy Director Li Jianwen had a meeting with Michael Houlihan, Chief Executive of Te Papa. The leaders of BMNH and Te Papa are very keen on cooperating in exhibitions and researches in the near future.

Successful traveling exhibitions have been curated by BMNH. ‘China Dinosaur Exhibition’, one of the traveling exhibitions, had been hosted in Te Papa in 2004 and achieved a large visitation. Brand new exhibitions on feathered dinosaurs and the evolution from dinosaurs to birds, consisting of BMNN’s best and rare fossils, will be accomplished soon in BMNH. These exquisite exhibitions will deliver the most recent scientific findings to the public.

Te Papa, as the national museum of New Zealand, is renowned for its scholarly and innovative exhibitions. In particular, ‘Whales’ is a hugely successful exhibition of Te Papa and is now staged in Chicago’s Field Museum.

With quite distinct cultural and natural background from each other, BMNH and Te Papa can conduct cooperation in a variety of areas and the cooperation will be of great significance for both museums.




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