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South Africa White Lion Cubs Donated by Mr. Behring Arrive at BMNH


“One cub is standing on three feet, with its head and the remaining foot above the sprawled cub’s forequarter. The one above is 160 centimeters long and the other one lying on its back is 110 centimeters long. The two cubs are teasing each other with affected fierceness. The behavioral details are so impressive and the cubs are quite lovely.” Said a BMNH collections personnel after the crate was opened for warehouse entry information. The mounted specimens are a great taxidermic work.

The two specimens are the most recent donations from Mr. Kenneth E. Behring and were produced by Life-Form Taxidermy Company, one of Africa’s largest and oldest taxidermists. Mr. Behring has collected and manufactured lots of animal specimens around the world, and in order to propagate scientific knowledge about nature and encourage the conservation of nature he has been donating those precious trophies to museums for public education and academic studies.

So far, Mr. Behring has donated nearly 150 pieces of animal specimens to BMNH and sponsored The Beauty of Animals exhibition which exquisitely delivers the beauty of nature and animals to the viewers.

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